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The LYM pavers/plaque units are industrial strength (manufactured at 10,000 psi) pavers approved for ADA wheelchair access, and have a load capacity of several tons to allow motor vehicles to travel over the pavers.*
The LYM paver/plaque unit is highly durable and long lasting, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  This two part pave and plaque system allows for construction of the project without having to fulfill the orders for engraving on the pavers before installation.  Pavers will be placed on the grounds first, and then as orders are fulfilled plaques will be adhered to the pavers using industrial strength adhesive.
A sample of the LYM paver/plaque can be created and distributed to your organization as a sample of the high quality product sponsors will be receiving for their generous donations.  Please contact us for more information regarding receiving a sample.
Leave Your Mark custom engraved pavers have been in production for 24 years.
The plaques and pavers used today are a result of many years of field applications and adaptations to create a high quality, uniquely designed, durable concrete paver with fitted engraved bronze plaque to showcase your fundraising project. Most recent improvements to the product are upgrades in base letter paint and UV protection (AC200) polyurethane clear coating finish, to ensure long life to the plaques that are continuously exposed to weather (freeze/thaw, direct sun, heavy rain) and usual wear from pedestrian traffic.  The strength of the pavers (manufactured at 10,000 psi) is not compromised by the addition of the plaques. It is recommended the LYM pavers and plaques be placed in the less traveled areas of the project to ensure longer life and to help keep product maintenance to a minimum.  However, if plaques do get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances, LYM will guarantee the refurbishment of any plaques not suitable for display at $1.50 per plaque to your organization for the life of the project.
The refurbishment process entails stripping the plaques clean of old paint and finish, re-painting and re-finishing the plaque for re-application to the pavers. This process takes 1-2 weeks (can be done during the off season) and the plaques look just like new once re-installed, keeping the project image fresh to assist in the continued marketing and solicitation of additional sponsors.
*While safe, we do not recommend driving over the plaques once installed due to the projects intent to display the plaques in the most respectful manner possible.
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