Engraved Brick Fundraisers

Desperate to find an exciting new fundraising option for your organization? Charities and businesses across the country – from Bangor to Boca Raton and San Diego to Seattle – choose Leave Your Mark! for all of their engraved brick fundraising needs!
We take fundraising to a new and more lucrative level with our trademarked concrete, brick-shaped pavers, each of which comes with a bronze plaque that can be inserted with the names, words, or designs of your choice. Because the bronze plaques can be inserted at any time before or after the pavers have been laid, you’ll never have to wait for engraving during your project’s construction. Instead, you can complete your entire paver project without delay and simply insert the plaques at a later date, once they’ve been engraved and are ready to be displayed. Unlike other brick engravers, there is no need to pull bricks and replace with blanks until the engraving is done. This also gives you the option to install extra pavers; ones reserved for future use, when more people have been recognized or awarded.
Not only do our pavers help generate profits for schools, churches, hospitals, and other nonprofits, but they also make great gifts for a housewarming party or birthday. Finally, installing engraved bricks is a great way to add interest and aesthetic appeal to any property while creating a stronger sense of community and history.
For customer’s intent on raising funds for a worthy cause, you can pay just 20% of the cost up front which covers the cost of the brick pavers. This affords you the opportunity to install these pavers before you’ve finished raising funds so you can continue selling engraved plaques, even after the pavers are laid.
Our pavers and plaques are designed to withstand sub-freezing temperatures as well as extreme heat. They are safety approved and ADA and OSHA compliant.

How to Organize an Engraved Brick Fundraiser

Choose your site and project objective:
Pavers can be used as a walkway, patio, or border. Keep in mind the size of the project needed to generate the amount of revenue necessary. A formula is provided to help figure out what you will need. Consider the marketing strategies needed to achieve your goal and the reason for your fundraiser.
Create your order form:
We can include a sample order form, or you may create your own. Projects are usually given names or slogans such as, “The Leave Your Mark™ High School Walk of Fame”, etc.
Once you have your order form finished, please send us a copy to make sure we properly complete your orders.
Proceed with your marketing plan:
Now it is time to start marketing your project. Place your display ads in local businesses’ send out mailings, do news releases about your project etc. You may also request a personalized sample brick to display with your order forms. (See the Marketing Strategies we’ve included for ideas!)
Order your pavers:
Please refer to the formula that we can include to help with figuring the number of pavers necessary.
Send your orders to us:
Fax: (541) 535-3438
U.S. Mail: 4631 South Pacific Hwy. Phoenix, OR 97535
Email: henry@leaveyourmark.com (Just save the 3line, 2line & 1line orders in individual MS Word .doc files. or we have a handy Excel sheet for you to use)
Insert your engraved bronze plaques:
Before you install your plaques please double check to be sure each inscription is correct. We provide you with the industrial strength adhesive to glue your plaques, and send instructions with every order. Please feel free to contact us with questions at any time during your project!
Marketing Your Fundraiser
On the order form, write the reason for the fundraiser and where the profits are being used.
A catchy slogan is always a great advertisement. Use it on the order form and any other advertising that you are doing. Give your project a name such as “The Walk of Fame,” or “Helping You Pave The Way to Success.”
Display a photo of your project or a sample paver with the order forms in a local business. This can often be done in exchange for a free plaque for the business. (Your order form should have the name and address of the project organizer on each page so orders can be mailed in.)
Have a booth at a community event. Acquire booth space at a local fair, carnival, or popular gathering event.
Place a sample brick in your main office with order forms for visitors to see and purchase.
Use newsletters and bulk mailings to promote your project by including an order form with the outgoing mail. Mail to businesses, service clubs, parents, alumni, booster club members, and other contributors. You may also talk to the city and possibly send out order forms with the monthly utility bills.
Hold contests where the class or organization with the most pavers sold could win a prize, paver with their name, gift certificate etc.
Honor achievements and contributions with your pavers. You could also use them to signify important dates in your organization’s history. Advertise the Pavers as the ultimate unique gift. Celebrate any special event with a commemorative paver. Honor ones you love, and special occasions. Schools can have students find the oldest living alumni and organizations can find their oldest member. An article in a local newspaper could be placed to aid in your search. You could also have this person come to the dedication ceremony and cut the ribbon etc.
Use a multi-tiered price system. Sell your sponsorship’s at different price ranges. You want it to be affordable for everyone to have a paver. Pavers at different price ranges can be placed in different areas of your project.
Sell sponsorship’s to large corporations. For example, Safeway®, McDonald’s®, etc. The price of the corporate sponsorship should be adjusted at a higher rate, as their plaque will serve as a permanent advertisement. We suggest you ask anywhere from $100 – $1000 depending on your organization. Remember this will be an inexpensive permanent form of advertisement for any business. “Where can a business advertise forever for $1000.00 or less?”
Approach major businesses requesting they donate shipping in exchange for a plaque in their name.
Have a meeting and get others involved. Get a group together to brainstorm, usually everyone comes up with at least one idea. Assign each person a task and have weekly meetings to discuss progress and problems. This allows you to see the progress of your project and keep track.
Have a preview party. Invite everyone, especially those who bought plaques. Have everyone view their engraved bronze plaques before they are placed in the Pavers. It is a good idea to double check and often people are inspired to buy another plaque! Your sales could potentially double with this type of marketing.
Schools can encourage families of children graduating from lower grades to purchase a plaque to welcome their student to their new school, and give them a sense of ownership. Use Alumni lists when available.

Plan Your Next Fundraiser with Leave Your Mark!

View our current price list
Download our Excel Sheet

Brick Sizes And Color Choices

Please use our handy drop down menu to the right to view our size and color choices we have available.

We can also provide “blank” fill bricks.



Our Plaques:

(2) sizes are available.
Our rectangular plaque is 4 3/4″ Wide X 1 7/8″ High
Our round plaques are a 4 1/4″ Diameter

Fonts and Logo’s

We have numerous font types available. Helvetica is the standard font, and it is available on all plaques while premium fonts can be done on a case by case basis due to size restrictions. If you are interested in a font not shown here, please contact us and we will try to meet your needs. And as always, we can provide proofs for no charge.
We have licensing to over 1,000,000 logos! We can do sports teams, corporate logos, Greek fraternal logos, and just about anything you can think of. Logos are only an additional $5.00 per each charge.
We can even digitize images for you for an additional 1 time setup fee. If you have a corporate sponsor that would like an image engraved or maybe a pet or loved ones photo, be sure to see what Leave Your Mark! can create for you.

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